Spring Cleaning To-do List

We’ve all heard the term “spring-cleaning,” but did you know that this also applies to your cleaning your yard? 

For your lawn to really flourish this summer, it’s vital that you take some time to care for it in the spring (or hire lawn care services from Vida Solutions!).

We’re going over some of the most important tasks that needs to be complete to get your yard ready for summer. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’re in need of landscaping services in Atlanta, contact Vida Solutions Landscaping.

Yard Cleanup 

Before you can begin anything, you’ll need to clean away any debris that has fallen over the winter. If you’re doing this yourself, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, grab a yard waste can, and pick up a rake. If you have a dog, you’ll also need to grab a garage back and pick up any waste that they left over the winter. If you raked your leaves well in the fall, you’ve avoided the task of picking up rotten leaves. Inevitably, though, there will be some stray leave that you’ll need to rake up. Raking your lawn also helps control thatch build-up, which can damage your lawn. While you’re raking, you’ll also want to pick up pinecones, branches, and any other plant debris that piled up over the winter. While yard cleanup isn’t the most fun task, try to think about what the tidying up will lead to — beautiful flower beds, lush lawn, and gorgeous landscaping. 

Prepare Plant Beds 

If you have perennial beds that performed well for you last year, try working in some fertilizer to make sure that the plants have enough nutrients for this year. If you compost, this is a great time to spread some in your flower beds or garden. Remove any weeds you find and dead growth that you missed in the fall. If you like to use landscape fabric, you can put it down now, or just use mulch. If you have any deep layers of mulch or matted leaves covering your perennials over the winter, you may need to remove some so as to not smother the perennials pushing up. You can always mulch again after the plants have grown up a few inches. Mulching helps suppress weeds and conserve water through our hot Atlanta summer, and we highly recommend mulching your beds. If you’d like, mulching is part of our landscaping services, and we’d be more than happy to prepare your beds for you! 


If you have things you need to plant in early spring, now that your plant beds are prepared, you can go ahead and plant! Early spring is a great time to put in trees and shrubs as well as to plant perennial flower beds and borders. If you have annuals or less hardy perennials, be sure to wait until the last frost date has passed. If you’re wanting to start a new lawn in spring or overseed a lawn you already have, you can start this in spring as well. 


When winter has passed, it’s time to remove any shelters you had protecting your shrubs and to tend to their pruning needs. If you have any dead or damaged wood, prune that off. Trees and shrubs can also be shaped through pruning, just don’t go too far! Dead branches should always be removed, but live ones should only be pruned if you’re looking to shape the plant. Shrubs that bloom in the spring may already be budding, so avoid pruning those branches, or you will lose the flowers. You should also cut back any branches that are blocking walkways or other high-traffic areas so that they don’t hurt anyone who is out enjoying your yard. Even if they aren’t in danger of injuring someone, doing some pruning will also allow more sunlight and air to reach your yard and make it more open and inviting. Pruning does take a good deal of skill, and if you’re concerned about damaging your plants, it’s best to hire a professional landscaping company to come do it for you! 

Patios And Pathways 

Your hardscaping — the stone or cement pathways or surfaces in your yard — needs some spring cleanup care too! After all, once you’ve done all this work, you’ll want to invite people over and entertain. Clean your dirty patio furniture with liquid soap and water. Scrub it down with a sponge or scrub brush and rinse thoroughly. If you have a deck, remove any mildew that has accumulated. A mixture of bleach and water is a great way to quickly remove stains. Lastly, sweep any debris and hose down until it’s clean and ready to be enjoyed! 

If you don’t currently have any hardscaping or find that your hardscaping is in disrepair, our team can help. 

We specialize in creating beautiful patios and would love to help create the outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, if you get a jump start on the project in spring, you’ll get to enjoy it all summer long! Our Atlanta landscaping company is proud to provide our Atlanta community with the very best landscaping services.

We provide a variety of professional landscaping services including turf care, hardscapes, irrigation, and landscape lighting. We serve customers in Alpharetta, Marietta, Roswell, and everywhere in between. Contact us today for a free estimate on your lawn care!

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